Our staff


  • Pastor Steve Kienberger

    Steve Kienberger - Pastor

    Rev. Stephan M. Kienberger has served . Prior to retirement he served as pastor at the American Church in Berlin, American Lutheran Congregation in Olso, Norway, Frederick Church in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, and St. Matthew's in San Francisco, CA. He is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington and Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, CA. Phone (503) 325-6252 to contact him pastor.aflcastoria@gmail.com.

  • first lutheran church staff

    • Laurie

      Laurie drage - music director As Music Director of First Lutheran Church, Laurie Drage oversees the congregational music, adult choir, bell choir and general music activities of the church. Originally from Tacoma, Washington, she moved to Warrenton in 1981 and currently resides in Astoria. She has been involved in the music department as an  organist, choir director and pianist. Phone contact: (503) 325-6252 or email Laurie at dragesl@gmail.com

    • Lynette

      Lynette vollmer - parish assistant Lynette Vollmer has joined the First Lutheran Church staff as the church secretary. Lynette and her husband, Allen, are long time members of the First Lutheran congregation. Lynette has had vast experience in working as a church secretary. Please welcome her to the church community. Lynette can be contacted by phone at (503) 325-6252 or by email at flcastoria@gmail.com

    • Trisha Dunn

      trisha Dunn - Educational representative from Council Trisha Dunn is currently the Educational Representative from the Church Council at First Lutheran Church. As a parent, she is very aware of the importance of a Christian Education in the lives of children.Trisha is currently working on restructuring the Sunday School curriculum to better meet the needs of children. Phone contact: (503) 325-6252.

    • Laurie Choate

      laurie choate - parish nurse Laurie Choate is currently serving as the Parish Nurses at First Lutheran Church. The Parish Nurse provides monthly blood pressure screening for everyone following both services. Phone contact: (503) 325-6252

    • River

      river stahley - church sexton A position of Sexton was started in August 2009. This position combines the Staff Assistant and custodial services positions. Currently the position is filled by River Stahley. 

    • Alice Iverson

      Alice Iverson - President, Church CouncilVice President - Linda Ehlers
      Secretary - Marian Soderberg
      Treasurer - Robertta Barba
      Financial Secretary - Phyllis Taylor
      Other Council Members - Nancy Ledgerwood, Iver Matheson, Richard Rasmussen, Jim O'Connor, Carol Smith, Trisha Dunn, Kevin Dunn, and Sylvia Stephens